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Dr. Walkey is not currently accepting new patients. However, as families move and graduate from pediatric care, new enrollments slots will become available!

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At Little Flower Pediatrics, we believe that the heart of medicine lies in the doctor-patient-family relationship. We work hard to provide personalized, integrated, and affordable care for your children on a schedule that works for your family. In addition to providing general pediatric care, we also specialize in the following:

Ages 24 and under

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Ages 0-24 months


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Ages 18-24 years


Ages 0-24 months


Ages 2-5 years


Ages 6-17 years


Ages 18-24 years

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Why Little Flower Pediatrics?

At Little Flower Pediatrics, we are not bound by insurance time restrictions.  Appointments are scheduled in 30-90 minute intervals, and you will never feel rushed!  We will address any and all of your concerns at the time of your visit.  In contrast, pediatricians in traditional practices are often scheduled to see 20-30 patients a day. (This means that each family sees their doctor for an average of 5-7 minutes.)

Are you a working parent? Are school and extracurricular activities keeping you busy? No problem! We offer after-work and weekend appointments upon request.

We know that you are busy, and finding time to see the doctor can be difficult at times.  At Little Flower Pediatrics, we offer a variety of appointment modalities including phone visits, telemedicine appointments, and house calls.

Being a new parent is hard! We know that making it to the office with a newborn can be challenging. Dr. Walkey offers home visits for all newborns living in Ave Maria at no additional cost.

If your child is sick, we want to know about it. We always make room in the schedule for our sick patients.

Because Little Flower Pediatrics has a limited patient panel size, we are able to offer 24/7 access to Dr. Walkey. For urgent matters, your doctor may be reached via phone. For non-urgent concerns, your doctor may be reached via phone, text, portal message, or email during regular business hours.

While breast-feeding is certainly natural, it is by no means always intuitive. Dr. Walkey has a special interest in breast-feeding medicine and is working on obtaining her official IBCLC degree. Dr. Walkey offers lactation support at no additional cost for members. If more extensive support is needed, Dr. Walkey has partnered with a local IBCLC who does accept most traditional insurances. See more on lactation services.

Pediatric integrative medicine blends conventional and complementary therapies to treat children in a holistic manner to address the health of the child’s mind, body, and spirit. Integrative medicine is personalized, evidence-based, and prevention-focused. Dr. Walkey has completed a fellowship in pediatric integrative medicine and is proud to offer consults at no added cost to members.

Dr. Walkey is proud to offer discounted, unlimited student health services to all enrolled students at Ave Maria University.

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*Some procedures may incur a small additional fee.

Please see our cost page for more information.

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Little Flower Pediatrics is a direct primary care clinic, meaning that Dr. Walkey works DIRECTLY with her families and does not partner with any insurance companies.

Direct primary care (DPC) is a membership-based healthcare delivery system that focuses on quality care and direct patient-family-doctor relationships. We do not accept insurance, and instead, charge a low monthly membership fee. Think of it as a healthcare subscription. By cutting out the middle-man (insurance companies), we can provide healthcare the way it was meant to be. We believe that insurance creates barriers to providing quality care.  With DPC, there are no restrictions on appointment length or type (in-office, in-home, virtual, etc). There are no prior authorizations required. There are no co-pays or unexpected costs. Healthcare becomes simple and cost-effective.

Yes. Your family will still need an insurance policy or healthcare sharing network for specialist care, emergency room visits, and/or hospitalizations. A high-deductible PPO plan or health sharing network pair well with a DPC practice. 

We believe that the insurance industry places a barrier between the patient and the physician.  A low monthly membership fee allows you to have unrestricted access to your pediatrician, extended visit times (30-90 minute appointments), home-visits, discounted labs, etc.  Please see our membership benefits page for more information.

  • Specialist care
  • Therapies (physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy)
  • Outside labs and imaging.  We partner with local laboratories and imaging facilities to provide you with deeply discounted labs and imaging.  If you have insurance, you can submit these charges for reimbursement. 
  • Vaccinations: For our patients with private insurance, we have partnered with Vaxcare to bill your insurance company for immunization costs. For children with Medicaid, health sharing plans, or no insurance coverage, vaccines are provided through the VFC (Vaccines for Children) program at no cost.

Your month membership is drafted automatically from your bank account, credit card, debit card, or HSA card on file.

If you are dissatisfied with your care, you may cancel at any time.  We ask for a 30 day advance notice.  If you are struggling financially, please contact us!  We may be able to help!

Yes! Dr. Walkey offers home visits for all newborns living in Ave Maria at no additional cost.

Absolutely! Kids get sick at the most inopportune times. On vacation? No problem! Dr. Walkey can do a virtual visit or send in a prescription to a local pharmacy. Need a note to go back to school?  Of course! Need a last-minute sports physical? We can get that scheduled. We offer same day or next day visits for any need. 

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