Lactation and Breastfeeding Medicine

Breastfeeding Guidance

Dr. Walkey has a special interest in breastfeeding medicine and partners with local lactation consultants to offer services designed to identify and treat feeding challenges of both breastfeeding mothers and their babies. As a breastfeeding medicine specialist, Dr. Walkey assists mothers struggling with painful latch, low milk supply, oversupply, recurrent mastitis and plugged ducts, etc. She also assess for and treats tongue tie in infants.

Upon completion of her IBCLC certification, Dr. Walkey will also offer lactation and breastfeeding medicine consultations to non-members. (See pricing page for more information). 

Frenotomy/Tongue Tie Surgery

Dr. Walkey is trained in assessing for and treating tongue tie. If a lower tongue tie release is needed, Dr. Walkey can perform this procedure at no added cost to members.