Medical Ear Piercing

Why choose medical ear piercing?

There are many advantages of medical ear piercing, including the following:

Little Flower Pediatrics is proud to offer medical ear piercing using the Blomdahl system OR via traditional piercing needles.

What age is best for ear piercing?

This is a very personal decision that is influenced greatly by cultural preference. Little Flower Pediatrics offers medical ear piercing to the following age groups:

  • Ages 3-12 months: At 3 months, the ear lobes are developed enough to safely perform piercing. The risk of infection is also significant decreased after the first round of immunizations given at 2 months of age (this includes the tetanus vaccine). 
  • Ages 5+: After age 5 years, a child may choose to have their ears pierced and is developmentally able to sit through the procedure. At Little Flower Pediatrics, we also offer numbing cream application at no extra charge if desired. 

*Children ages 13 months through 4 years are often very intimidated by the ear-piercing process and are unable to be swaddled or sit calmly for the procedure. To minimize unnecessary trauma, we recommend waiting until 5 years of age to pierce your child’s ears if not already done by 12 months of age.

** We offer piercings of the ear lobes only. Cartilage piercings are not offered at this time.

What is the cost?

The price covers the following services and products: office consultation, one pair (2 earrings) of medical grade quality, piercing performed by a medical professional, and after-care products.

Member price: $85

Non-member price: $100

**traditional piercing with a needle is performed only by Dr. Walkey and is an additional $25.